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Cartwright Pipe Organ Tuning and Service

The principal belief of the Cartwright Pipe Organ Company is proper tuning and service is key to preserving our instruments, promoting our music, and inspiring participants in worship and musical performances, all made possible by providing the organist with a properly-tuned and operational instrument.


Tuning and maintenance is our outreach department. Much like your doctor, we begin by regularly visiting your instrument. We then diagnose any problems and create a plan for preventative maintenance as well as inform you of any immediate or future concerns. Whether you are in need of a new instrument, a restoration project, or simple tuning and maintenance, we work with sincerity, honesty, and devotion to the church, your ministry through music, and your musicians and parishioners.


In service to secular venues such as concert halls and theatres, we understand the busy schedules of your venue and we offer flexible service hours catered to your house calendar. From overnight shifts tuning and maintaining theatre organs to performing touchup tunings hours before a weekend concert, we are always available to make your performances work for your venue and your artists in order to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Tuning and Service Procedure

Tuning and maintenance is the most common and frequent form of organ work carried out by organbuilders across the world. One important asset our firm brings to you is our knowledge of music, church music literature, and the organ’s role within your ministry or musical program. Once we have completed a tuning or repair, we thoroughly test the instrument.  We do not only check tuning by playing a few chords and declaring “this sounds fine,” we perform a test of your organ in a manner similar to daily use with proper registrations which may expose any remaining tuning or mechanical issues. 

Our Guarantee

Our tuning services come with a one-week guarantee: If our tuning did not “hold” or if we made an erroneuos decision based on temperatures and climate the day of your tuning, we will stand behind our work by correcting tuning issues as necessary within one week of the original tuning date at no extra charge to you.

Diverse Billing Options

We offer various billing options to cater to your particular needs as a pipe organ owner. Different churches and institutions use different financial systems, and we are ready to offer payment options which work best with your individual situation. We do not demand payment on-sight and we will never demand payment in cash. Our corporation is proud to contribute to the tax base of your particular state and to the federal government.

  1. E-Bill System - Our most popular method of billing for tuning and service visits is our E-Bill system. After our tuning and service visit, we will e-mail an electronic invoice to you or your financial manager. E-Bills are the paperless, environmentally-friendly billing option, and no processing fees are applied to E-Bills! A valid e-mail account is required to receive E-Bills.
  2. Traditional Invoice - Some of our clients prefer traditional mailed invoices. This method provides a traditional paper invoice sent by post to your financial management. A small processing fee is added to our traditional invoices.
  3. PayPal and Credit Cards - PayPal and credit card payments are accepted. Contact us for more information.

Our General Service Area

The Cartwright Pipe Organ Company operates within a general service area in which we may respond to our clients' needs in a timely manner. We service all areas of Southern California, as well as parts of Central California, Arizona, and Nevada. If you are just outside of our service area, feel free to contact us, as we may be able to combine a visit to your church or venue with other nearby clients within the regular service area.

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