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The Cartwright Pipe Organ Company provides rebuilding and restoration services to both existing maintenance clients and new clients. Rebuilding and restoration services are not limited to our regular maintenance area and are available anywhere within the United States. We are also able to operate internationally in North and Central America on a case-by-case basis.


Pipe Organ Rebuilding, Tonal Revisions, and Additions


Pipe organ rebuilding is a broad term which can consist of re-leathering an organ or otherwise rebuilding its action and bellows, extensive repairs or damage abatement, and restorative work. Organ re-builds frequently include an organ console and control system upgrade using the latest available technology. Many clients opt for tonal revisions, re-voicing, and additions to complete prepared-for stops or to improve the organ's tonal resources. Organ rebuilding services are the most common type of major project undertaken by churches today.


Organ Console Rebuilding or Replacement


Pipe organ consoles are the pipe organ's user interface with the musician. As this is the only part of the organ most people are allowed to touch on a regular basis, consoles can wear and deteriorate over decades of use. Mechanical combination systems become worn, loose, and eventually fail. The electromechanical or electropneumatic relay machines connected to the console may also deteriorate to the point of needing rebuilding or replacement. A console rebuild and a new organ relay system not only improves reliability but also expands the organist's ability to control the instrument with modern features such as multiple levels of memory, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, MIDI record/playback, piston sequencers, and many other modern conveniences. Stops can be added during console rebuilds, or if the console is not adequate for the organist's needs, a new custom console can easily be provided to control your instrument.


Organ Restoration


Historic pipe organs often warrant historically-sensitive restoration rather than alterations or additions. The Cartwright Pipe Organ Company is eager to quote a historic restoration for your church or venue using the guidelines for historic restoration set forth by the Organ Historical Society.

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