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Preserving our Heritage, Building our Future

We are musicians, artisans, and artists. We paint our world with sound and adorn our instruments with icons of faith. Our staff and associates are dedicated not to a profit-driven industry but to the timeless craft of pipe organ building. We preserve historic instruments for future generations, maintain parish organs throughout the liturgical year, maintain the teaching instruments upon which our future musicians will learn, and build new instruments to insure the pipe organ remains a powerful source of musical inspiration for generations to come. We understand the needs of the Church and its clergy, liturgists, musicians, choristers, and parishioners, and our first priority is to provide quality service tailored to each unique instrument and the setting in which it dwells. Our modus operandi is the same as many pipe organ builders, “Soli Deo Gloria,” and we conduct our daily business accordingly.

We are a Southern California firm located in Los Angeles. Local artisans maintaining local instruments is crucial for developing a healthy artist-client relationship, and our availability to immediately respond to your needs gives us an advantage over our distant competitors.


The Cartwright Pipe Organ Company, LLC operates with liability insurance in order to protect our clients.

Our Staff

Kevin R. Cartwright, Organbuilder

Mr. Cartwright began apprenticing as an organ builder in 1998. He began studying the organ at the age of fourteen with Dr. Harold Rohlig, a former student of Marcel Dupré. He has served as part-time Organist-Choirmaster and Associate Organist at various churches throughout his career.

Using his training and knowledge as an organist and church musician combined with work-study across the United States and abroad, Mr. Cartwright has dedicated his career and life’s work to quality pipe organ building, restoration, and maintenance. His studies have focused on historic pipe organs and their preservation, pipe organ building based upon time-honored historic precedent, and tuning and maintenance for diverse types of music programs. Kevin’s formative training was initially nurtured by Bill Barger of the Chattanooga-based firm, The Barger and Nix Organ Company, and he later went on to work for the Atlanta-based firm, The A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, Inc., to both of whom he credits for his exposure to a large variety of instruments which have provided invaluable experience ranging from new construction and rebuilding to tuning and maintenance.

Partner Firms and Contracting Services


Are you here because your regular organ maintenance firm has included us in a project bid, recent contract work, or as your tuning and maintenance service provider? In order to meet the needs of various clients in Southern California, The Cartwright Pipe Organ Company frequently operates as a contracting agency for the following partner firms:

  • Rosales Pipe Organ Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  • Steuart Goodwin Pipe Organs, San Bernardino, CA
  • Ken Kukuk, Pipe Organ Technician, Los Angeles, CA
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